Corporate Finance

The interaction between tax law and corporate finance is one of the most important issues in tax systems today. Moreover, financial innovation and engineering pose important challenges to any tax system. At CORIT Advisory we assist clients in handling the risks associated with corporate financing decisions on a local and global scale. We strive to understand financial thinking and to understand the innovative processes underlying new financial structures or products and instruments in order to increase the value of our advice.

Our experience with corporate finance and financial instruments are significant and range from assisting in financial structures in M&A transactions and financing transactions to tax planning and arbitrage. Our clients include international financial institutions, investment banks, private equity funds and MNE’s.

Moreover, CORIT Advisory team members are experienced lecturers and authors within such topics as thin capitalization, interest cap legislation, hybrid finance and derivatives.

Our specialist competences in corporate finance and financial instruments are comprised within the following categories:

  • Financing structures.
  • Hybrid finance.
  • Derivatives.
  • Tax arbitrage.