International business and globalization raise numerous tax issues that have to be addressed in order to reduce or eliminate the potential risks, which are invariably a part of today’s world. CORIT Advisory is able to assist your business in identifying and reducing such risks or to assist in obtaining a favourable tax position.

Our experiences are vast in working with international tax. We have provided services to many of the world’s MNEs and we prefer to serve clients with a clear international strategy. Our client base comprises both Danish and foreign MNEs.

Our services within corporate and international tax comprise:

  • Assistance within a wide range of tax matters ranging from day-to-day issues to large complex projects.
  • Advice regarding complex anti abuse legislation, EU law and tax treaty law.
  • Global tax risk assessments covering several countries and large amounts of data converted into overview, guidelines or concrete verifiable questions.
  • Advice regarding new business models.