Submission of Ph.D-thesis on Tax treatment of derivatives

CORIT Advisory’s senior associate katja Joo Dyppel has submitted a Ph.D.-thesis at Copenhagen Business School on the Tax treatment of derivative financial instruments. The taxation of derivatives is a highly complex area which has not previously been analysed in Danish law at .

Katja Joo Dyppel advises on complex financial instruments as well as international and domestic tax matters. She can be contacted at

New location for CORIT Advisory P/S and CORIT Academic

The future premises for CORIT Advisory P/S and CORIT Academic have now been decided. We have chosen to locate the office in Kongens Lyngby in the northern part of greater copenhagen.

The address is: Lyngby Hovedgade 17, 2nd. floor., DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby.

The choice is made on the basis of a numbers of relevant factors. Kongens Lyngby is a university city with a large population of innovative and important companies. Moreover, the city has formulated a strategy to become a significant knowledge- and university city in northern Europe. Moreover, the city has the ambition to be an international hotspot for labour, culture and trade.

This strategy is perfectly aligned with the CORIT ambition and we consider it a perfect match for future devepment of CORIT and we also look forward to participate in the fulfillment of the city’s strategy.

We look forward to welcome you in our new offices.

Submission of Ph.D-thesis on Interest deduction limitation legislation

CORIT Advisory’s senior associate Michael Tell has submitted the first Danish Ph.D-thesis on interest limitation legislation. Limitations in interest deductibility is an international trend which has increased in importance in recent years and often results in highly complex legislation. It is very much in line with the ambition of CORIT Advisory to be able to contribute relevant analysis on this complex issue in Danish and international law.

If you are interested in further information regarding the thesis please contact Michael Tell.

Establishment of CORIT Advisory P/S – Independent Tax Consultants


It is with great pride we hereby announce the establishment of CORIT Advisory P/S, an independent boutique tax advisory firm based in Denmark. Our finest ambition is to assist businesses address, manage and mitigate tax risks in a rapidly changing global environment.

We offer a unique combination of practical and applicable tax advisory services with the knowledge and insight of academia. This unique mix is the very core of CORIT advisory and is the common denominator of the people behind the firm. We strike the right balance between legal specialist knowledge with the business pragmatism needed to succeed.

The team will continue to assist domestic and foreign corporations (including MNEs), private equity funds and investment banks.

Our ambitions in CORIT Advisory are high:

  • We want to create and operate a top quality advisory firm within the field of tax law, with a particular focus on complex and international matters.
  • We constantly strive towards wide recognition as a leading boutique firm, that is a fully credible and independent alternative to accounting and law firms.
  • We aim at being the trusted advisor and business partner to our clients.

To meet these ambitions we strive towards obtaining a true understanding of your business, your strategy and your needs.

Our dedication lies in tax advisory services with a relentless focus on quality and technical competences. The approach will be innovation driven and opportunity seeking based on complete independence.

CORIT Advisory provides high quality services within a specified area of expertise. Our areas of expertise fall within certain specified categories:

  • International and corporate tax
  • Private equity
  • Corporate finance & financial instruments
  • Energy (Oil & gas)
  • Strategic tax advice and tax policy
  • Tax Controversy
  • Climate & Cleantech

The managing director of CORIT Advisory is Jakob Bundgaard, honorary professor, Ph.D., who is assisted by a focused team of very skilled and dedicated tax specialists. Moreover, we are looking for new talents to help us achieve our ambitions. We have the ambition of attracting only top tier candidates.  Read more about CORIT Advisory at www.oldcorit.


Alongside CORIT Advisory we continue to participate in and initiate certain private research activities under a new name: CORIT Academic. CORIT Academic is organized as an independent non-profit think tank on tax matters. CORIT Academic is a one of a kind institution in the northern part of Europe and has recently been admitted to the OECD Network for Tax Research. Learn more about CORIT Academic at


We look forward to grow our relationship further in the future.


Kind regards,

Jakob Bundgaard

Managing director, honorary professor. Ph.D.

CORIT Advisory P/S


Phone: +45 40422284.


CORIT newsletter No. 2, June 2010 released

The latest issue provides tax analysis on the following topics:

  • Tax neutrality in corporate financing by Jakob Bundgaard and Michael Tell(English)
  • The Object of Art. 9(1) of the OECD Model Convention: Commercial or Financial Relations by Jens Wittendorff (English)
  • Management fees in the private equity and venture sector by Jakob Bundgaard (Danish)
  • Beneficial Ownership by Jakob Bundgaard (Danish)
  • Danish Anti Abuse legislation and its conformity with the Parent-/Subsidiary Directive by Jakob Bundgaard (Danish)

Newsletter no 2 (June 1 2010)